ENOSS facilitates international school exchange

ENOSS aims to enable the cross-border cooperation between European sport schools. In 2023-24, the network facilitates an international school exchange between Austria and Luxembourg.

Sport- und Musik-Rg/SSM Akademiestraße and Sportlycée Luxembourg are public sport schools with the mission to help talented athletes combine sport and education on secondary school level. Via mutual 1-week-visits in two consecutive academic years, the institutes aim to stimulate their further organisational advancement. ENOSS had linked up the schools and advised the first planning sessions of the exchange.

Stage 1: Luxembourg City

From 26-31 March 2023, 20 Austrian student athletes, teachers, and coaches of Sport- und Musik-Rg/SSM Akademiestraße visited Luxembourg. The manifold programme of the exchange spanned workshops, common sport training, expert meetings, and cultural activities. Luxembourgish guest families hosted the Austrian youngsters.

Time to play: Austrian and Luxembourgish student athletes

A set of student athlete workshops were delivered by Sportlycée experts. "My Dual Career Values" was based on a design of the EU-funded project STARTING 11. Their freely accessible The European Dual Career Toolkit represents an ecosystem of dual career practice which assists institutions in sport, education and the labour market to implement effective dual career services for athletes.

The second workshop was dedicated to "Mental Aspects in Sport". Finally, an inspiring keynote of 3-time Olympian swimmer Laurent Carnol, now Deputy Technical Director of the National Olympic Committee of Luxembourg, completed the valuable experience.

Sportlycée psychologist Frank Muller delivers a dual career workshop

Stage 2: Salzburg

In 2024, the second school exchange is planned to take place in Salzburg, Austria. ENOSS will report.

ENOSS 2021 Round Table

Replay the round table

More than a month has passed since the 2nd ENOSS Conference, welcoming delegates from 30 different countries in virtual Luxembourg. By popular request, we want to offer those of you who could not make it to the conference as well as its participants the chance to (re-)experience the event by providing the recording of the Round Table.

This Round Table united a manifold consortium of top-class experts:

  • Kairis Ulp, Estonia (Policy Officer of the European Commission Sport Unit)
  • Tom de Groen, The Netherlands (National Coordinator of the Expert Centre for Secondary Education & Topsport)
  • Erla Ragnarsdottir, Iceland (Principal of the Flensborg School)
  • Raymond Conzemius, Luxembourg (Assistant Sports Director of the National Olympic Committee Luxembourg).

Together, they aimed to envisage the sport school of the future. Click the image below to watch their virtual panel discussion, co-directed by the questions of the ENOSS community.

ENOSS Newsletter #6

The sixth ENOSS Newsletter provides a retrospect on the ENOSS Conference 2021 including a flash survey among the attendees of the event.

You can read the browser version of Newsletter #6 here.

Header photo courtesy of tilowiedensohler.com

End of ENOSS Conference 2021

This was the 2nd ENOSS Conference

Presenters from 3 continents, participants from 30 different countries: The virtual ENOSS Conference 2021 "Back on Track : New Ways" united the world of sport schools and talent development models.

In the COVID-19 crisis, institutions across Europe were asked to come up with new strategies to navigate their systems through wild waters. The ENOSS Conference on 1-2 December 2021 aimed to help sport and education institutions share, discuss and exploit the manifold innovation that has been created across the globe during this difficult period.

Making it possible for a maximum amount of European practitioners to join, #enoss2021 took place online. Simultaneously, the conference managed to create a most interactive virtual event to enable practitioners to exchange expertise and experience - even in digital form.

Live from Luxembourg

Two rich days of keynotes, workshops and a round table marked the cornerstones of the second ENOSS Conference. Hosted by Sportlycée Luxembourg & TWIN, the event gave stage to innovative international approaches in the core areas of System Development, Psychology & Counselling and Talent Development.

"As this year's host, we wanted different professional backgrounds to come together in this conference. Looking at our programme, we were proud to present such a variety of topics and experts. Bringing in sport school perspectives from other continents was the icing on the cake of this event."
Pascal Schaul, #enoss2021 host

Envisaging the 2030 sport school

In the conference keynote, South African expert Ruan Schlebusch took a close look at modern fundamentals of student-athlete support. Do these look different in a post-Covid world to what they did in 2020? He proclaimed that the time we were in was a golden opportunity for institutions to reflect, reset and move forward to make a positive impact in their unique setting.

"In this time of rapid change, there must be inevitable rapid change in the student-athlete support landscape too."
Ruan Schlebusch, #enoss2021 keynote speaker

Behind the scenes of #enoss2021

Bringing together a consortium of experts representing versatile professional backgrounds, the round table "Envisaging the 2030 sport school" lid up spaces of dual career support with particular potential for optimisation, leering at an ideal institutional picture of the future.

"Sharing an ethics of support across the different stakeholders within their system, building an overall concept and then living this concept is key for sport schools and talent development models."
Raymond Conzemius, #enoss2021 panelist

Thank you to every participant for making #enoss2021 a most colourful mix of international innovation!


Header photo courtesy of tilowiedensohler.com

Meet our round table panelists

The virtual Round Table at the ENOSS Conference 2021 will unite a manifold consortium of top-class experts.

Given these (still) difficult times, #enoss2021 is organised as an online conference. The event will strive to help sport schools and talent support models share the manifold innovation that has been created across Europe during COVID-19.

Presentations & Workshops on day 1 of the conference will give a stage to good practice from around the world to inspire the dual career implementation of the European sport school community. The centrepiece of day 2 will be an international Round Table that discusses the topic "Envisaging the 2030 sport school". The moderators Jonas Tylewskij and Pascal Schaul will welcome the following distinguished panelists:

Download the full programme of #enoss2021 and join the conference. Registration will be open until 29 November at 12:00 p.m.

ENOSS Newsletter #5

The fifth ENOSS Newsletter provides latest conference updates and tips on how to maximize your virtual experience at #enoss2021.

You can read the browser version of Newsletter #5 here.

ENOSS Newsletter #4

The fourth ENOSS Newsletter shares the full programme of the ENOSS Conference 2021 and opens the official registration.

You can read the browser version of Newsletter #4 here.

Conference topic 3: Talent Development

Talent Development with its leading theme "Re-imagining dreams" marks core topic 3 of the ENOSS Conference 2021.

Dual careers can come with many benefits besides developing athletically or educationally; such as the formation of multiple identities, the enhancement of social skills, higher independence, or a better time management. Are these benefits natural "bi-products" of a dual career pathway? Or can sport schools and talent models proactively support the student-athletes holistic development outside of the athletic persona and thereby also better prepare them for future dual career scenarios? The presentation of Kristel Kiens, Estonian developmental manager and sport psychology consultant, focuses on institutional approaches to foster the holistic skillset and knowledge base of student-athletes.

Her associated workshop together with Klaus Ginther additionally presents a good European practice of a specific intervention to assist student-athletes in finding new meaningful ways after dropping out of their current dual career environment. Furthermore, the workshop will provide time and space to think practically about supporting the whole person development in one's respective context and share ideas with other practitioners across Europe.


Conference topic 2: Psychology & Counselling

Psychology & Counselling with its leading theme "Dancing on the tightrope" marks core topic 2 of the ENOSS Conference 2021.

What are the main stressors of student-athletes? What competences do student-athletes need to overcome them? The presentation of Frank Muller, Luxembourgish sport psychologist, pays close attention to these stressors and discusses what competences help student-athletes to have a healthy and successful dual career.

His associated workshop together with Andrada Vincze and Jeevita Pillai presents ideas and international good practices on how dual career stakeholders can help student-athletes overcome their stressors and develop competences to foster their well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Speaker & workshop lead: Frank Muller, Luxembourg – Sport psychologist, Sportlycée Luxembourg & Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports
  • Workshop co-presenters:  Andrada Vincze, Romania – Self-employed sport psychologist and psychotherapist & PhD canditate, University of Bucharest; Jeevita Pillai, Singapore – Sport psychologist, National Youth Sports Institute


Conference topic 1: System Development

System Development with its leading theme "Thriving in the shadow of Covid" marks core topic 1 of the ENOSS Conference 2021.

What are the modern fundamentals of student-athlete support? Do these look different in a post-Covid world to what they did in 2020? The time we are in is a golden opportunity for institutions to reflect, reset and move forward with confidence. Consequently, the keynote of Ruan Schlebusch, a leading African expert for talented athlete support and personal development of athletes (find out more here), takes a look at this new era and at the positive impact sport schools can make in their unique setting.

His associated workshop together with Liane Karsten provides an example of a workable and successful programme to support student-athletes in and beyond this challenging period, implemented and expanded in a High Performing sport school in Cape Town, South Africa.