ENOSS facilitates international school exchange

ENOSS aims to enable the cross-border cooperation between European sport schools. In 2023-24, the network facilitates an international school exchange between Austria and Luxembourg.

Sport- und Musik-Rg/SSM Akademiestraße and Sportlycée Luxembourg are public sport schools with the mission to help talented athletes combine sport and education on secondary school level. Via mutual 1-week-visits in two consecutive academic years, the institutes aim to stimulate their further organisational advancement. ENOSS had linked up the schools and advised the first planning sessions of the exchange.

Stage 1: Luxembourg City

From 26-31 March 2023, 20 Austrian student athletes, teachers, and coaches of Sport- und Musik-Rg/SSM Akademiestraße visited Luxembourg. The manifold programme of the exchange spanned workshops, common sport training, expert meetings, and cultural activities. Luxembourgish guest families hosted the Austrian youngsters.

Time to play: Austrian and Luxembourgish student athletes

A set of student athlete workshops were delivered by Sportlycée experts. "My Dual Career Values" was based on a design of the EU-funded project STARTING 11. Their freely accessible The European Dual Career Toolkit represents an ecosystem of dual career practice which assists institutions in sport, education and the labour market to implement effective dual career services for athletes.

The second workshop was dedicated to "Mental Aspects in Sport". Finally, an inspiring keynote of 3-time Olympian swimmer Laurent Carnol, now Deputy Technical Director of the National Olympic Committee of Luxembourg, completed the valuable experience.

Sportlycée psychologist Frank Muller delivers a dual career workshop

Stage 2: Salzburg

In 2024, the second school exchange is planned to take place in Salzburg, Austria. ENOSS will report.