Unlocking theEuropean dimensionof sport schools

Unlocking theEuropean dimensionof sport schools

ENOSS is a unique platform for European sport schools and associated talent support models to connect, learn and co-create. An biannual conference serves as the catalyst for innovative dual career practice across borders.


ENOSS enables the international cooperation of like-minded institutions and facilitates the mobility of talented athletes and professionals


ENOSS provides exclusive access to innovative dual career practice and contributes to improve service quality in European education and sport institutes


ENOSS interlinks European expertise and inspires the joint development of transnational projects in the areas of sport, education and youth

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A brief history of ENOSS

A brief history of ENOSS

In the EU, the number of athletes in need of dual career support services adds up to more than 120.000 in every Olympic cycle.1 Within competitive systems, European sport schools play a crucial role in the development of human talent.

Their quality of services provided in cooperation with policy makers and sport bodies is of vital importance for sustainable pathways of aspiring athletes, in amateur as well as in professional sports. Despite the history of sport schools in the EU, a specific network between these schools on European level did not exist for a long time. Enter: ENOSS.

2019 marked the starting point of the European Network of Sport Schools, with the first ENOSS Conference #enoss2019, entitled “The Next Step” and being held in the SLZB and Olympic Stadium of Berlin. The conference united professionals from 16 European countries, spanning school managers, teachers, sport coaches, psychologists, counsellors, policy-makers, and delegates from the European Commission.

With the COVID-19 conditions slowly improving, ENOSS reinforced its efforts in 2021 to further unlock the European dimension of sport schools: “Back on Track : New Ways” – The second ENOSS Conference #enoss2021 took place virtually, bringing together presenters from 3 continents and participants from 30 different countries across the globe.

1  European Commission (2016)
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ENOSS is initiated by

Philipp Struwe

Philipp is teacher and head of the
communication division at the SLZB,
one of Europe’s biggest sport schools.

Wolfgang Stockinger

Wolfgang is founder & CEO of TW1N,
the first Europe-wide dual career
consultancy in sport.