These are our round table panelists

The virtual Round Table at the ENOSS Conference 2021 will unite a manifold consortium of top-class experts.

Given these (still) difficult times, #enoss2021 is organised as an online conference. The event will strive to help sport schools and talent support models share the manifold innovation that has been created across Europe during COVID-19.

Presentations & Workshops on day 1 of the conference will give a stage to good practice from around the world to inspire the dual career implementation of the European sport school community. The centrepiece of day 2 will be an international Round Table that discusses the topic "Envisaging the 2030 sport school". The moderators Jonas Tylewskij and Pascal Schaul will welcome the following distinguished panelists:

Download the full programme of #enoss2021 and join the conference. Registration will be open until 29 November at 12:00 p.m.

Conference topic 3: Talent Development

Talent Development with its leading theme "Re-imagining dreams" marks core topic 3 of the ENOSS Conference 2021.

Dual careers can come with many benefits besides developing athletically or educationally; such as the formation of multiple identities, the enhancement of social skills, higher independence, or a better time management. Are these benefits natural "bi-products" of a dual career pathway? Or can sport schools and talent models proactively support the student-athletes holistic development outside of the athletic persona and thereby also better prepare them for future dual career scenarios? The presentation of Kristel Kiens, Estonian developmental manager and sport psychology consultant, focuses on institutional approaches to foster the holistic skillset and knowledge base of student-athletes.

Her associated workshop together with Klaus Ginther additionally presents a good European practice of a specific intervention to assist student-athletes in finding new meaningful ways after dropping out of their current dual career environment. Furthermore, the workshop will provide time and space to think practically about supporting the whole person development in one's respective context and share ideas with other practitioners across Europe.


Conference topic 2: Psychology & Counselling

Psychology & Counselling with its leading theme "Dancing on the tightrope" marks core topic 2 of the ENOSS Conference 2021.

What are the main stressors of student-athletes? What competences do student-athletes need to overcome them? The presentation of Frank Muller, Luxembourgish sport psychologist, pays close attention to these stressors and discusses what competences help student-athletes to have a healthy and successful dual career.

His associated workshop together with Andrada Vincze and Jeevita Pillai presents ideas and international good practices on how dual career stakeholders can help student-athletes overcome their stressors and develop competences to foster their well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Speaker & workshop lead: Frank Muller, Luxembourg – Sport psychologist, Sportlycée Luxembourg & Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports
  • Workshop co-presenters:  Andrada Vincze, Romania – Self-employed sport psychologist and psychotherapist & PhD canditate, University of Bucharest; Jeevita Pillai, Singapore – Sport psychologist, National Youth Sports Institute


Conference topic 1: System Development

System Development with its leading theme "Thriving in the shadow of Covid" marks core topic 1 of the ENOSS Conference 2021.

What are the modern fundamentals of student-athlete support? Do these look different in a post-Covid world to what they did in 2020? The time we are in is a golden opportunity for institutions to reflect, reset and move forward with confidence. Consequently, the keynote of Ruan Schlebusch, a leading African expert for talented athlete support and personal development of athletes (find out more here), takes a look at this new era and at the positive impact sport schools can make in their unique setting.

His associated workshop together with Liane Karsten provides an example of a workable and successful programme to support student-athletes in and beyond this challenging period, implemented and expanded in a High Performing sport school in Cape Town, South Africa.

ENOSS Newsletter #3

The third ENOSS Newsletter presents the conference topics chosen by the European community of sport schools and announces a call for speakers.

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ENOSS Newsletter #2

The second ENOSS Newsletter addresses the launch of the new ENOSS website and offers an update on the ENOSS Conference 2021.

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Conference 2021 keynote speaker: Ruan Schlebusch

ENOSS is delighted to announce the keynote speaker of this year's ENOSS Conference: Ruan Schlebusch. The cosmopolitan is a leading African expert for talented athlete support and personal development of athletes.

Ruan acts as the Managing Director of Sportsthink 360, a sports consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa which runs off-field support programmes for talented athletes in cooperation with sport schools and clubs. Furthermore, Ruan works as the National Player Development Manager for the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA). In this role, he is the main responsible for the implementation of the national dual career programme in Cricket, one of the most popular sports in South Africa. The former teacher lives with his wife, daughter and two dogs in Cape Town.

The story of the fire lily

In January 2021, Sportsthink 360 implemented a nationwide school project called “Thriving in the shadow of COVID” which delivers workshops in both sporting and non-sport environments to help children and teenagers unpack the highs and lows of this challenging period, build resilience and develop their personal game plan. In the light of this project, Ruan will deliver the ENOSS Conference 2021 keynote entitled "The story of the fire lily".

"A fire lily is a South African flower. This flower only disperses seeds after a fire, ensuring that the most important thing regenerates first. A most relevant strategy also for systems in education and sport searching for both recovery and innovation..."
Ruan Schlebusch

In his keynote, Ruan will reflect upon his professional experiences in the course of the pandemic and draw practical conclusions for sport schools.

  1. Reflecting on the “Thriving in the shadow of COVID” project: What remained important to the athletes even in a non-sport environment and is therefore arguably an essential of talented athlete support?
  2. The benefit of the pandemic: What were the weaknesses exposed in the pandemic and how can this analysis contribute to a programmatic fast forward in sport schools?
  3. The fire lily: New growth is inevitable. The pandemic is an incomparable opportunity for sport schools to shape this growth.

Ruan Schlebusch: Fast facts


Experienced in and passionate about all aspects of athlete education and support. Clients range from Under 9s playing their first competitive match to retired ex-internationals.

Areas of expertise

  • Athlete support
  • Athlete education
  • Dual career management
  • Talks and workshops
  • System development and support
  • Coach education

Scope of work

  • Worked with over 1000 athletes in more than 20 sports
  • Junior amateurs to professionals representing their country
  • Federations, schools, clubs and academies
  • Team and individual sports
  • Local and international

Connect with Ruan Schlebusch via LinkedIn here.

ENOSS Newsletter #1

The first ENOSS Newsletter features a "Save the Date!" for the ENOSS Conference 2021 and the call for our EU-wide survey among European sport schools.

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Luxembourg to host ENOSS Conference 2021

The ENOSS Conference 2021 has found its home: The virtual event will be hosted by Sportlycée Luxembourg, supported by TW1N.

Since their EU Presidency in 2015, Luxembourg has made impressive steps forward in their structural development of athletes support services. As a fundamental puzzle piece of the Luxembourgish dual career system, the Sportlycée is a public sport school with the mission to help talented athletes combine sport and education on secondary level. The national programme is run in cooperation with sport federations and the Federal Ministry of Sport.

Sportlycée Luxembourg key facts

    • 400 student-athletes from 20 different sport disciplines (national federations)
    • 50 teachers working together with 60 national sport coaches
    • Boarding school
    • Large offer of talent support services: dual career counselling, sport psychological support, nutrition counselling, special service to assist student-athletes to manage their periods of absence from school due to competitions or training camps

The European dimension

Sportlycée Luxembourg has a strong ambition to continuously innovate its dual career environment. Bringing in European expertise is seen as a key factor for further development within the institution. Consequently, director Pascal Schaul explains the school’s motives to host the ENOSS Conference 2021:

Having been one of the founding members of Benelux in 1944, of the UN in 1945, of NATO in 1948 and of the Council of Europe in 1948, Luxembourg became one of the six founding members of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which would itself evolve to become the European Union we know today. The continuous engagement in the context of these historical milestones in the creation and the development of the European idea are part of the DNA of Luxembourg. Since the creation of the Sportlycée in 2012, the exchange of best practices on a European level helped us develop our school and increase the quality of our dual career services. Being inspired by the success and the positive dynamics of the first annual conference of ENOSS held in Berlin in 2019, we are looking forward to contribute to the development of the European Network of Sport Schools by hosting the second annual conference. We strongly believe that there are a lot of things to learn from each other which will be beneficial for the student-athletes from all across Europe.

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Save the date: ENOSS Conference on 1-2 December 2021

The European Network of Sport Schools is delighted to announce: The 2nd ENOSS Conference will take place on 1-2 December 2021 in the form of a virtual event.

2019 marked the starting point for a European Network of Sport Schools (ENOSS), with the first ever ENOSS Conference being held in the Olympic Stadium of Berlin and Schul- und Leistungssportzentrum Berlin. This conference united professionals from 16 European countries, spanning school managers, teachers, sport coaches, psychologists, counsellors, policy-makers, and delegates from the European Commission.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation of a conference in 2020 turned out not to be feasible. Now, with the conditions slowly improving, ENOSS is committed to reinforce its efforts to interconnect sport schools in Europe. In this regard, we are delighted to announce the 2nd ENOSS Conference on 2-3 December 2021.

Back on Track : New Ways

Without a doubt: The last 16 months have been a huge challenge. This counts for both talented athletes and practitioners. In the Corona crisis, sport schools were asked to come up with new strategies to navigate their systems through wild waters.

The ENOSS Conference 2021 will aim to help sport schools benefit from sharing the multifaceted innovationthat has been created across European sport schools in, and thanks to this difficult period. "Back on Track : New Ways" is the corresponding theme of the conference.

Given the variables accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic, the ENOSS Conference 2021 will take place online and be free of charge to make it possible for a maximum amount of European practitioners to join the event. Simultaneously, the organisors will strive to create a most interactive virtual conference to enable practitioners to meet, discuss and exchange expertise and experience - even in digital form.

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