Luxembourg to host 2nd ENOSS Conference

The ENOSS Conference 2021 has found its home: The virtual event will be hosted by Sportlycée Luxembourg, supported by TW1N.

Since their EU Presidency in 2015, Luxembourg has made impressive steps forward in their structural development of athletes support services. As a fundamental puzzle piece of the Luxembourgish dual career system, the Sportlycée is a public sport school with the mission to help talented athletes combine sport and education on secondary level. The national programme is run in cooperation with sport federations and the Federal Ministry of Sport.

Sportlycée Luxembourg key facts

    • 400 student-athletes from 20 different sport disciplines (national federations)
    • 50 teachers working together with 60 national sport coaches
    • Boarding school
    • Large offer of talent support services: dual career counselling, sport psychological support, nutrition counselling, special service to assist student-athletes to manage their periods of absence from school due to competitions or training camps

The European dimension

Sportlycée Luxembourg has a strong ambition to continuously innovate its dual career environment. Bringing in European expertise is seen as a key factor for further development within the institution. Consequently, director Pascal Schaul explains the school’s motives to host the ENOSS Conference 2021:

Having been one of the founding members of Benelux in 1944, of the UN in 1945, of NATO in 1948 and of the Council of Europe in 1948, Luxembourg became one of the six founding members of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which would itself evolve to become the European Union we know today. The continuous engagement in the context of these historical milestones in the creation and the development of the European idea are part of the DNA of Luxembourg. Since the creation of the Sportlycée in 2012, the exchange of best practices on a European level helped us develop our school and increase the quality of our dual career services. Being inspired by the success and the positive dynamics of the first annual conference of ENOSS held in Berlin in 2019, we are looking forward to contribute to the development of the European Network of Sport Schools by hosting the second annual conference. We strongly believe that there are a lot of things to learn from each other which will be beneficial for the student-athletes from all across Europe.

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Save the date: 2nd ENOSS Conference

The European Network of Sport Schools is delighted to announce: The 2nd ENOSS Conference will take place on 1-2 December 2021 in the form of a virtual event.

2019 marked the starting point for a European Network of Sport Schools (ENOSS), with the first ever ENOSS Conference being held in the Olympic Stadium of Berlin and Schul- und Leistungssportzentrum Berlin. This conference united professionals from 16 European countries, spanning school managers, teachers, sport coaches, psychologists, counsellors, policy-makers, and delegates from the European Commission.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation of a conference in 2020 turned out not to be feasible. Now, with the conditions slowly improving, ENOSS is committed to reinforce its efforts to interconnect sport schools in Europe. In this regard, we are delighted to announce the 2nd ENOSS Conference on 2-3 December 2021.

Back on Track : New Ways

Without a doubt: The last 16 months have been a huge challenge. This counts for both talented athletes and practitioners. In the Corona crisis, sport schools were asked to come up with new strategies to navigate their systems through wild waters.

The ENOSS Conference 2021 will aim to help sport schools benefit from sharing the multifaceted innovationthat has been created across European sport schools in, and thanks to this difficult period. "Back on Track : New Ways" is the corresponding theme of the conference.

Given the variables accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic, the ENOSS Conference 2021 will take place online and be free of charge to make it possible for a maximum amount of European practitioners to join the event. Simultaneously, the organisors will strive to create a most interactive virtual conference to enable practitioners to meet, discuss and exchange expertise and experience - even in digital form.

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This was the 1st ENOSS Conference

From 7-8 November 2019, the first ever ENOSS Conference entitled "The Next Step" was held in Berlin, Germany. Like-minded professionals in education and sport from 16 European countries followed the invitation of the ENOSS consortium to network and exchange best practice.

Day 1 of #enoss2019 was dedicated to the topic of health. International experts, namely Markus Flemming (SLZB, Germany), Andreas Hülsen (OSP Berlin, Germany), Laurent Carnol (LIHPS, Luxembourg) or Jürgen Dietrich/Andrea Stegmann/Claudius Schäfer (Brillat-Savarin Schule, Germany) shared multi-sided insights into their routine with talented athletes, spanning health-related dimensions such as sport psychology, dual career or nutrition.

Day 2, conducted in the spectacular location of the Olympic Stadium of Berlin, pursued the mission to initiate a European Network of Sport Schools. In his opening keynote, ENOSS co-initiator Wolfgang Stockinger (TWIN, Austria) emphasized the necessity of strategic European cooperation:

"The quality of services provided by sport schools in cooperation with policy makers and sport bodies is of vital importance for sustainable pathways of aspiring athletes, in amateur as well as in professional sports. A network like ENOSS can be an important catalyst for innovative dual career practice across borders."

Following, the international delegates concretized the requirements for the development of a European network in the form of expert work groups.

"The goals of this conference were exceeded. The instant success of this first-time-event makes clear that the timing for ENOSS is right, since EU sport policy is likely to keep focusing on the topic of dual career in the coming years."

ENOSS co-initiator Philipp Struwe (SLZB, Germany)

Thank you to all international delegates who made the 1st ENOSS Conference a big success! If you are interested in becoming a future member of ENOSS, please get in touch with us.